Engineering Mechanics / Soil Dynamics Laboratory


LAB Secretariat

Supervisor Dr. Muhammad Aslam Bhutto                              Assistant Professor
PABX: 2620
In-Charge Engr. Fawwad Masood                                        Assistant Professor
PABX: 2617
Lab Engineer Engr. Zarqa Manzoor
Lab  Technician  Syed Zeeshan Haider
Lab  Attendant  Mr. Mr. Dhani Bux


Type(s) of Workstations      

1 Beam Reaction Apparatus
2 Pulley Apparatus
3 Apparatus for addition of   Forces
4 Moment Equilibrium Apparatus
5 Truss with Flexible Joints
6 Sliding Rolling Ball Instrument
7 Apparatus for projectile motion
8 Advance structure set including bridge set
9 Physics structure set
10 Force platform with structure bucket
11 Displacement Sensor
12 Data studio date acquisition software