Student ID

Academic Counsellor

       CE-20001 to CE-20045

Engr. Adnan Rais Ahmed

CE-20046 to CE-20090

Engr. Syed Muhammad Noman

CE-20091 to CE-20135

Dr. Sadaf Qasim

CE-20136 to CE-20180

Engr. Muhammad Yousuf Iqbal

CE-20181 to CE-20214

Engr. Etikaf Hussain

CN-20001 to CN-20035

Dr. Syeda Saria Bukhary

CE-19001 to CE-19045

Dr. Aslam Faqeer Mohammad

CE-19046 to CE-19094

Dr. Haider Hasan

CE-19095 to CE-19134

Dr. Farrukh Arif

CE-19135 to CE-19181

Dr. Syed Salman Mobeen

CE-19182 to CE-19303

Engr. Samra Masood

CN-19001 to CN-19301

Engr. Faiza Saeed

CE-18001 to CE-18047

Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed

CE-18048 to CE-18093

Dr. Tehmina Ayub

CE-18095 to CE-18143

Engr. Muhammad Saad Khan

CE-18144 to CE-18189

Engr. Wajeeha Mahmood

CE-18190 to CE-18315

Engr. Fatima Khalid

CN-18003 to CN-18302

Engr. Saima Khan

CE-17001 to CE-17050

Engr. Sadia Moin

CE-17051 to CE-17100

Engr. Sajjad Ali

CE-17101 to CE-17151

Engr. Shoaib Ahmed

CE-17152 to CE-17201

Engr. Waleed Ahmed Khan

CE-17203 to CE-17327

Dr. Shamsoon Fareed

CN-17001 to CN-17307

Engr. Muhammad Umer