The Department of Civil Engineering has the honour to be the first department of the University to offer Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering discipline since 1979. Presently, the programme is carried out as;

  • M-Engg. Civil programme Morning\ Evening\ Weekend
  • MEM Construction programme Morning\ Evening\ Weekend

Master of Engineering (M.Engg.) and MEM programme is being conducted in the morning \ evening \ weekend to cater the demands of working professionals. The students enrolling in the evening programmes come from a variety of professional backgrounds and establishments, particularly government and semi-government organisations, as well as practicing engineers from private sector. The postgraduate programme which is stretched over 2½ years provides specialisation in the following areas:

  • Structural Engineering

  • Construction Engineering Law NewAlt.gif

  • Geo-technical Engineering

  • Coastal and Water Resources Engineering 

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • Water Resources Management

General Scheme of Studies

The masters taught programme  is based on Semester system.

Any student enrolled in the Day / Afternoon / Weekend programme may complete all requirements in three semesters (four semesters for students opting for dissertation) or within a maximum of six semesters (Three Years) including withdrawal; if any.

Any student enrolled in the Evening programme may complete all requirements in five semesters or within maximum often semesters (Five Years) including withdrawal (Semester and Programme withdrawal); if any.

The students are expected to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of instructional course work while maximum of 6 credit hours is allowed per semester and a minimum of 48 lecture hours as prescribed for each taught course.

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