The Department of Civil Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology is the oldest engineering department of Pakistan which since 1922 has been actively contributing in transforming academia and developing educational infrastructure. At the undergraduate level, it offers a competitive four-year degree programme based on a comprehensive curriculum. It is assured that quality of teaching is maintained and the knowledge is effectively imparted both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students of the department are able of availing all opportunities and fulfilling a wide range of growing demands within construction industry. The students are also able to pursue career opportunities in several areas such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, water resources engineering, transportation engineering and associated specialized areas. The Department takes the pride in its students who are spread all across the globe holding key positions in professional organization and contributing academically, professionally and through cutting edge research.


Civil Engineering along with Specialization in Construction


Semester System 2018 


Civil Engineering

Specialization in Construction