Important Announcements

Notice - Suspension of Classes, Postgraduate and Ph.D Programmes (31-7-2021)

Important Announcement for vacation of M.Engg & MEM  Spring 2021 (19-7-2021)

Updated Time Table for M.Engg/MEM (Civil) - Schedule Evening Spring 2021  (15-6-2021)

NewAlt.gifNotice for  Physical Classes for   

M.Engg & MEM Evening Spring 2021        M.Engg & MEM Weekend Spring 2021

NewAlt.gifTime Table for M.Engg/MEM (Civil) - Schedule Evening & Weekend Spring 2021  (10-6-2021)


Important Announcements

NewAlt.gifExtension in Registration & Fee Submission Date of Postgraduate Program - Spring 2021 (7-5-2021)

Provisional List of Candidates Admitted in MEngg. and MEME Civil Admissions Spring 2021 (04-5-2021)

Time Table for M.Engg/MEM (Civil) - Tentative Schedule Evening & Weekend Spring 2021  (04-5-2021)

M. Engg. & MEM Registrations of Old Students for Spring 2021 (29-4-2021)

M. Engg. & MEM Registrations of Newly Admitted Students for Spring 2021 (29-4-2021)

 Notice: List of Eligible Candidates for Interview & Schedule for Admissions M.Engg\ MEM Civil Spring 2021 (27-04-2021)

Notice: Entry Test for Postgraduate Programme will be held on 22 April 2021 (21-04-2021)

Important Instructions and SOP's for Entry Test (16 April 2021)

  List of Candidates Eligible for Entry Test on 19 April 2021 (15 April 2021)

Important Announcements for Master Students (5 April 2021)

NewAlt.gifMissing Document M.Engg and  MEM Civil Students  

Important Announcements for Master Students  (26-1-2021)

NewAlt.gifProposed Schedule of Examination

Important Announcements  (9-11-2020)

NewAlt.gifProvisional List of Candidates Admitted in M.Engg (Civil) and MEM (Civil) Admissions 2020 

Registration Schedule M.Engg (Civil) and MEM (Civil) Admissions 2020

NewAlt.gifNew Students    NewAlt.gifOld Students 

NewAlt.gifTime Table Fall 2020  Evening  Weekend

Important Announcements  (3-11-2020)

NewAlt.gifProvisional List of Candidates Eligible for Interview - M.Engg (Civil) and MEM (Civil) Admissions 2020 

INTERVIEW SCHEDULE - M.Engg (Civil) and MEM (Civil) Admissions 2020 

Important Announcements  (2-11-2020)

NewAlt.gifEntry Test Result of Master's Program will be announced on 3rd November

List of Candidates Eligible for Entry Test Master's Program ME / MEM Civil Admissions 2020

New Admission of Master's Program

 (08 October 2020)

 Examination Spring 2020  Masters Programme

NewAlt.gifGoogle Meet Code    Survey Form      Exam Schedule    Thesis Presentation 

Important Announcements (09 September 2020)

All M-ENGG Students Attention

Notice for M.Engg. (Civil) & MEM (Civil) Students

Missing Documents in respect of Students of Masters Programme.

Important Announcements (27 July 2020)

All M-ENGG Students Attention

Missing Documents in respect of Students of Masters Programme.

CED-Master's-Rules and Guidelines to Follow During Online Sessions

Dear Students, Please use the following link to submit your information regarding the Online Spring Registration 2020.


This is to inform you that M.Engg. Civil Course EM-505 will not be held in this weekend only. 


update on 19-6-2020

Rescheduling of M. Engg. Civil ISP/Dissertation Presentations

update on 21-05-2020

Notice For Master Examination Revised  

Notice For Master ISP Examination Revised 

update on 05-03-2020



M.Engineering Time Table Spring 2020(Online)



update on 11-06-2020

Notice for Maximum Duration of Master's Programme