Important Announcements for Undergraduate Students (23 September 2020)

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Important Announcements for Undergraduate Students (17 September 2020)

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Important Announcements for  All M-ENGG Students Attention (17 September 2020)

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Online Practical Viva Spring Examination 2020

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 Mid Term Examination for 9th August 2020 are hereby postponed

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Missing Documents in respect of Students of Masters Programme.

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Important Announcements (11 Jun 2020)

M. Engg. Civil Schedule Spring 2020
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The Department of Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering department of Pakistan which since 1922 has been actively contributing in transforming academia and developing educational infrastructure. At undergraduate level it offers a competitive four-year degree programme based on a comprehensive curriculum. In 1979, Department started its Postgraduate programme leading to Masters in Civil Engineering by course work and at the verge of new millennium incepted Masters of Engineering by research. Ever since the programme has emerged as a dynamic, continuously evolving academic feature providing us a competitive edge over other institutions. It is assured that quality of teaching is maintained and the knowledge is effectively imparted irrespective of teaching programme conducted at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. The academics has considerably improved over the past 7 years since implementing of the Quality Policy by the University becoming much interactive and far more dynamic than it used to be in the past. The curriculum remains under constant review and if required are updated according to the present and future requirements in the respective fields of civil engineering. Our students both undergraduates and postgraduates are capable of availing all opportunities and serving a wide range of growing demands within construction industry, and have abilities to pursue career opportunities in several areas such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, coastal and harbour engineering; and associated specialized areas. Greater emphasis on research and its recognitions as one of the criteria of academic excellence has started showing results. It is through the revolutionary restructuring of our national academic system by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) that academic research is now one of the key parameters in evaluating quality of professional education. Department of Civil Engineering keeping in line with the vision statement of the University is running Doctorate Programme for its faculty members, which is the first step towards starting an open Doctorate Programme. All facilities are available for faculty members who are encouraged to achieve academic excellence and to enhance qualification within or outside the country.
The Department of Civil Engineering has adopted Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Outcome Based Assessment (OBA) for its Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) as recommended by Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) of Pakistan Engineering Council.