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The Department has introduced the Academic Counsellors in addition to designated Class Advisors. Each designated Academic Counsellor is assigned a section of students to advice and counsel them regarding academic, career matters and provide assistance in managing their health, financial, stress, emotional and spiritual problems. The Academic Counsellors will be monitoring and reviewing the progress of the students throughout their study period. Table 1 below shows the designated Academic Counsellors at the Department. The students are required to meet their designated Academic Counsellors once every two weeks. Academics Counsellors will be the first point of contact for students, followed by Class Advisors and Chairman of the Department.


Table 1: Designated Academic Counsellors at Department of Civil Engineering

Academic Session 2021-2022

   Student ID

Academic Counsellor

CE-21001 to CE-21045

Engr. Sadia Moin

CE-21046 to CE-21090

Engr. Sajjad Ali

CE-21091 to CE-21135

Engr. Shoaib Ahmed

CE-21136 to CE-21180

Engr. Waleed Ahmed Khan

CE-21181 to Onwards

Dr. Shamsoon Fareed

CN-21001 to CN-21035

Engr. Kainaat Nadeem

CE-20001 to CE-20045

Engr. Adnan Rais Ahmed

CE-20046 to CE-20090

Engr. Syed Muhammad Noman

CE-20091 to CE-20135

Dr. Sadaf Qasim

CE-20136 to CE-20180

Engr. Muhammad Yousuf Iqbal

CE-20181 to CE-20214

Engr. Etikaf Hussain

CN-20001 to CN-20035

Dr. Syeda Saria Bukhary

CE-19001 to CE-19045

Dr. Aslam Faqeer Mohammad

CE-19046 to CE-19094

Dr. Haider Hasan

CE-19095 to CE-19134

Dr. Farrukh Arif

CE-19135 to CE-19181

Dr. Syed Salman Mobeen

CE-19182 to CE-19303

Engr. Samra Masood

CN-19001 to CN-19301

Engr. Faiza Saeed

CE-18001 to CE-18047

Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed

CE-18048 to CE-18093

Dr. Rana Rabnawaz Ahmed

CE-18095 to CE-18143

Engr. Muhammad Saad Khan

CE-18144 to CE-18189

Engr. Wajeeha Mahmood

CE-18190 to CE-18315

Engr. Fatima Khalid

CN-18003 to CN-18302

Engr. Saima Khan


Female Counsellors at Department of Civil Engineering

S. No.

Female Counsellor


Dr. Arjumend Masood


Engr. Sadia Moin


Engr. Wajeeha Mahmood


Engr. Fatima Khalid


Engr. Faiza Saeed

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