Research Activities


Departments within the NED University are using their own potential and links developed through participation in various outreach activities to establish a strong connection between academia and Industry. In this regard the following indicates the efforts of Department of Civil Engineering.


Completed and Ongoing Research Projects


List of ongoing and completed research projects is shown in following table.



Name of Project

Funding Agency



Development of Guidelines for Energy Efficient Housing

Funding Agency: National Research Program for Universities (NRPU), Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad.  


Behaviour and Design of Recycled Aggregate Concrete



Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC)



PKR 14.24


Design, theory and assessment of recycled concrete structures in earthquake prone regions


Pakistan Science Foundation and National Natural Science    FoundatioChina




PKR 7.035


Modelling Blast Effects on Reinforced Concrete Structures


Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC)



PKR 3.2


Strengthening and Repair of Thin-Walled Steel Members Using

FRP Composites


Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC)



PKR 7.1


South Asia Earthquake Network (SHAKE-ICTP)


International  Centre oTheoretical Physics, Italy



PKR 12.0


Centre for Entrepreneurship, Incubation and Innovation (CEII)


Korean Support  Program (KSP)


To  be finalized


Energy-Retrofit Optimization Model for Sustainable Energy

Management of Institutional Buildings in Pakistan

COMSTECH-TWAS: Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)



USD 10,000


Tsunami Inundation Modeling

Oxfam GB


PKR 1.1


Seismic Hazard Study for the City of Karachi, Pakistan



PKR 60.00


Physical Facilities Assessment (PFA)-III

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan (AKPBS,P)



PKR 8.000


Physical Facilities Assessment (PFA)-II

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan (AKPBS,P)



PKR 3.000


Development of Fragility Curves for Karachi Bridges

Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC)



PKR 4.429




Physical Facilities Assessment (PFA)-I

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan (AKPBS,P)



PKR 2.100

Fibre  Reinforced  Polymers  (FRP)  for  Civil  Infrastructure  in





PKR 1.0


Pakistan Tectonics and the 2004 Kashmir Earthquake

National         Science



USD 0.500

EMME - Earthquake Model of the Middle East Region: Karachi

City Scenario

Japan            Tobacco




EMME - Earthquake Model of the Middle East Region: Hazard, Risk Assessment, Economics & Mitigation

Japan            Tobacco




Quantification of flow resistance for unlined canals in alluvial soils



PKR 5.936

Development   of   Diagnostic   Tool   for   Assessing   Seismic

Vulnerability of Buildings



PKR 1.265

Building Capacity in Pakistan to Seismically Retrofit Essential





USD 0.460

Development of a Strategic Model for Improvement of Construction Project Management education, research and practice in Pakistan.





USD 0.403



Industry Funded Research Projects


List of industry funded research projects is shown in following table.



Name of Project





Use of Extreme bars (Grade 75) in Structural Members

Amreli Steels

PKR 0.25

Mechanical  Properties  of   Polypropylene  fibre   reinforced  concrete

(PPFRC) and structural Applications




PKR 0.25

Study of properties of locally available cements

Lucky Cement

PKR 0.4


Designing of Sub-Surface Water Drainage System

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC)


PKR 2.5


Ground Water Disposal at Thar Coal Mine

Engineering Associates (EA)


PKR 0.91


Porali River Basin Development Project




PKR 1.25



Completed Post-graduate Research


Following is the list of projects completed as post-graduate research:


•    Development of a Groundwater Simulation Model for Malir River Basin, Karachi for Sustainable Peri - Urban Water Management


•    Pavement Performance Prediction Modelling using Material Characterization


•    Macroscopic dynamic traffic network models and their validation


•    Calibration of Car-following models for different traffic stream scenarios of Karachi city


•    Development of Fragility Curves for Lifelines


•    Condition assessment and strengthening of old distressed RC Residential Buildings


•    Constitutive modelling of concrete subjected to multiaxial state of stress using damage mechanics


•    Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Existing Building in Pakistan

•    Shear Strength of One-way reinforced concrete flexural members by strut-and-Tie model

•    Durability Analysis of Various Quarries of Highway Materials around Karachi


•    External Un-Bonded Prestressing and its Application


•    Evaluation of High Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams in Shear


•    Development of Vs30 Map for Karachi City


•    Model Byelaws/Guidelines for Licensing and Continuous Assessment of Contractors


•    Mechanical Properties of Poly-Propylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete (PPFRC) and Structural Applications


•    Generation of Liquefaction Potential Map along the Coastal Belt of Karachi


•    Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of RC Buildings in Karachi


•    Evaluating the Applicability of Existing GMPEs for Pakistan


•    Evaluation of Pavement Condition Index through Digital Imaging Process


•    Development of Diagnostic Tool for Assessing Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings


•    Analysis and Design of Thin Multiple Cylindrical Shells


•      Consolidation Characteristics and Permeability of Fine Grained of Soil Southern Area of Gulistan- e-Johar Karachi


•    Use of High Strength Bars in Structural Members


•    Development of A Geodetic Control Point at NED University


•    Modelling the Effects of Rainfall Storm on Vehicular Traffic


•    In-Plane Lateral Load Behaviour of Masonry in-Filled RC Frames


•    Achieving Energy Smart Buildings through Building Information Modelling


•    Exploration of the Advantages and Commercial Viability of Using Wheat Straw as Soil Stabilizing agent


•    Predicting Impact of Risk Events on Project Cost Performance in the Construction Industry oPakistan


•    Modeling and Evaluation of Hydraulic Design of Sewerage System for Pechua Village, Jacobabad


•    Modeling the Effects of Subsurface Drainage on Soil and Water Resources


•    Finite Element Based Elastic Plastic Damage Model for Reinforced Concrete


•    Safety Management on Offshore Projects


•    Managing Construction Materials Supply Chain through BIM and GIS: A Case Study


•    Understanding the Concept and Application of Facility Management


•    Compilation and Analysis of Local and International Construction Law Cases


•    A Conceptual Model for improving Strategic Performance of Pakistani Construction Industry


•    Modeling of Wall Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loads


•    Modeling Impact of Climate Change on Integrated Water Resources of Hubdam.


•    Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Infilled Concrete Structures


•    Predicting Traffic Congestion through Queuing Perspective


•    Accident Severity and Congestion Level


•    Investigation of Sulphur Added Asphalt Concrete in Highway Pavements of Pakistan

•    Application of Geotextiles in Flexible Pavement for Highways



Ongoing Post-graduate Research


Following is the list of ongoing projects as post-graduate research:


•    Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of RC Structures using Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis


•    Evaluation of Contribution of Concrete Block Infill Panels on Nonlinear Response of RC Frames


•    Nonlinear Modelling of stone masonry construction


•    Hazard Assessment of Northern Region Around Karachi using GPS techniques


•    Development Soil Amplification Contour Maps for Karachi


•    Inventory Development for Building Data in Pakistan


•    Tsunami Inundation Modelling for Karachi


•    Computational modelling of RC Beams Strengthened in predominant Shear and Flexure Loading regions using CFRP


•   Achieving Energy Smart Buildings through Building Information Modelling


•    Development of an Artificial Intelligence based tool for Predicting the cost performance oConstruction projects


•    Building Information Modelling- A cost effective Zero Defects and Zero Accident Solution foArchitecture Engineering & Construction Industry of Pakistan


•    A Strategic Skill-Based Management practices in Pakistan construction Industry



Research Groups


•    Construction Materials Research Group (CMRG)

•    Network of Excellence in Energy Development Group (NEED)

•    Construction Engineering and Management Research Group

•    University Water Network